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Kiawe Shells

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Whoaaaa, what are those?  These are the by-product of Kiawe Beans.  Whoaaa what are Kiawe beans?  They are delicious.

The Kiawe tree is known for it's wood that is ideal for smoking or bbqing, but what many people don't know if that the beans that grow on the tree are edible.  That's where Waianae Gold comes in.  Waianae Gold mills these delicious beans into a gluten free, diabetic friendly, flour.  The natural fructose in the beans yield a sweet, caramel, brioche flavor.

The beans are milled and the SHELLS are what we end up with.  Usually these shells are discarded or get used for mulch.  We are so happy to give them a second life as a delicious tisane.

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Kiawe Shells Kiawe Shells