This Season's Farm Partners

  • Big Island Tea

    Home of the iconic A'a black tea, Eliah Halpenny & Dr. Cam Muir make one tea, and they make it exceptionally well.

    The teas here are meticulously cared for and processed entirely by hand.

  • Tea Hawaii

    Perhaps one of the largest tea producers in the State, Eva Lee & Chiu Leong are true pioneers of the Hawaii Tea industry. Tea Hawaii manages multiple tea farms/ plantations and process of a wide array of teas.

  • Second Alarm Farm

    The farmers of Second Alarm Farm are true stewards of the land. Jim Chestnut & Edna Arakawa have somehow managed to make spectacular coffee & tea.

  • Leonani Farms

    The mana wahine of Leonani Farms care for about 200 tea plants, white pineapples, tumeric, cacao, and other offerings on their farm in Hakalau.

  • Farm of The Fearless Monkey

    Our farmer MG grows a wide variety of crops from herbs, flowers, fruit, and greens. We are fortunate enough to have her roselle (hibiscus) this season.

  • 21 Degrees Estate

    This cacao farm is nestled wayyyy off the beated path, on the east side of Oahu. A beautiful property with quality cacao. We are fortunate enough to use their cacao for blending as well as scenting.

  • Jimmy Mac Nut Farm

    Nestled in the quiet town of Puna, these honey farms grow amazing spices that a perfect for our holiday blends.

    They are also home to Puna Bear Honey!

  • Honest Greens

    We source organically grown, air dried mamaki from Honest Greens in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

  • Kamahi Horticulture

    Farmer Jay grows mostly flowers (amazing tropicals), but he is also nice enough to sell us hoja santa - the rootbeer plant.

  • Waialua Growers

    Organically farmed & certified food safe. This farm grow an amazing variety of herbs.

  • Anonymous Farms

    This is going to sound strange, but some farmers don't want to be publicized & so we respect their privacy.

    Sometimes we work with small garden farmers who are friends, and are kind enough to share their offering - but they typically don't grow enough to supply the general public.

  • Farm Link Hawaii

    When I first started Treehouse Teas, I mostly sourced from Farmlink because they make it so easy! I still source things from them from time to time.