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2023 Autumn Harvest "Wild", White Tea, Hakalau, Hawaii - 10g

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Elevation: 900’

Climate: Tropical

Cultivar: Large Leaf Assam

Leaf Aroma: cinnamon, persimmons, Korean Pear

Wet Aroma: Buttercream and Cucumber (weird, I know)

First Steeping: Sweet like pear with a hint of spice

More to love:

Year after year this is the most sought after tea in our collection.  The tea that keeps on giving, and is my favorite tea to have in a proper gong fu style session.  I find that this tea encourages deep, extended conversations among friends.  The first time I brewed this tea, we went 8 infusions without even realizing it.

***Pro tip:  make this tea for people who "hate" tea, even they like it.***

The hands that make it:

Eva Lee and Chiu Leong of Tea Hawaii

    2023 Autumn Harvest "Wild", White Tea, Hakalau, Hawaii - 10g