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2022 Summer Harvest, "A'a", Black Tea, Volcano Hawaii - 20g

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Elevation: 2742’

Climate: Topical

Soil: Volcanic

Aroma: merlot, raisins, honey

Wet Aroma: ripe black fruits

More to love:

The elusive A’a black tea. This tea is only produced under the most optimal conditions & this year the farmers predict they will produce only 20 kilograms. Some years, the iconic A’a black is produced alongside “Kilinoe Green”, but this year all the love & attention goes to this black tea.


Very similar to the spring harvest, but everything is AMPLIFIED.  The soup is thicker, the tea is sweeter, and the finish is a little more astringent than the earlier spring harvest.

The hands that make it:

Eliah Halpenny & Dr. Cam Muir of Big Island Tea

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2022 Summer Harvest, "A&